Rainbow Six Siege: Major Changes

The Six Invitational at Montreal was the biggest tournament that Rainbow Six Siege has held since it was first...

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Rainbow Six Siege Major Changes

The Six Invitational at Montreal was the biggest tournament that Rainbow Six Siege has held since it was first released two years ago. The developers took this opportunity to release some details about upcoming changes to the game that will be coming in 2018. These will be in addition to the new maps and operators that have already been announced. Details of the five biggest changes can be found below.

Everyone Has Access To Attachments

When Season One of Year Three is rolled out on 6 March everybody will have the weapon attachments available to use at the beginning of the game. This will include things such as suppressors, grips, optics and muzzle breaks. This can help new players get off to a good start in the game as in previous versions they may have chosen not to upgrade their weapons because they were saving the currency that can be earned in the game for other things. It has not yet been confirmed whether an extra currency will be made available to those who have already purchased some weapons.

Operators Can Be Banned In Open Play

This system will be available for everyone but it is likely to be the pro Siege players that get the most use out of this feature. At first, it will only be available in custom matches. The system will be rolled out to Casual and Ranked multiplayer matches later on in the year.

One attacker and one defender will be banned from each team during each match. Teams will be able to alternate their selections. When operators have been banned by one team, they cannot be chosen by the other. Both teams will be able to see the operators that the other team has picked before the game begins.

Facelift For The Hereford Base

It has long been expected that there would be a map that was getting a facelift for the new season. Most people thought that this would be the Favela as this has not been in rotation for some time now. However, the map that has been chosen is Hereford and the changes have seen the map go back in time thirty years. The fact that the changes are so obvious show that Ubisoft is looking to take the maps in a completely new direction. Another advantage of the changes that have been made to the maps is that it will be much more obvious whether buildings are made of wood, brick or concrete. This will make it much easier to be able to tell whether a structure is breakable or not.

hereford base facelift

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Changes To The Maps

There will also be changes that are made to the other maps although these are not so obvious as the Hereford map. All existing maps will have their layouts reworked and they will also be rebalanced. The Clubhouse is the other map of Rainbow Six Siege where players will see a lot of changes. The thinking behind this is that it will encourage more of the play to take place in the center of the maps which will give all players the chance to make better use of the tactics that are available to them.

Starter Owners Will Have More Operators

People that purchase the Starter Edition will now have access to six operators rather than the four that are available currently. This will be a welcome addition for players that are on the cheapest package because they do not currently have any way to upgrade. It is also possible that existing players will receive some form of compensation for the fact that they would only have been given four operators when they joined Rainbow Six Siege.

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