Pro Blogger Daniel Scocco Shares his Internet Marketing Tips

There are millions, maybe even billions of different blogs on the internet, with new blogs being created every minute. Blogging is still a relatively new realm to the internet, and people are just started to discover it’s power-first hand. Daniel Scocco, the creator and main blogger on the site Daily Blog Tips runs a few very popular blogs on the web. Some could call him a professional blogger, an internet marketer, or even a social media guru.

I got a chance to get an interview with Daniel about his popular blogging tips site. I got the inside scoop on how the blog was made, monetization, and even some words of advice for all the new bloggers out there looking to make a full-time income through blogging. Anybody looking to get the inside scoop about making money online through blogging, check out what Daniel’s got to say below.

What is the main idea behind Daily Blog Tips? How did you get the idea for creating the blog?

I started creating my first blogs and websites back in 2005. In 2006, so around one year later, I was already having some success with them, which led me to quit my job and start working full time with my online projects. I created Daily Blog Tips to share the tips and tricks I was learning with my other websites.

What were some of your major influences that got you interested in blogging?

ProBlogger Icon There are two of them. The first one was Steve Pavlina. I was already experimenting with HTML websites before coming across him, but it was after reading his blog that I decided to explore the blog format and to start using WordPress.

The second one is Darren Rowse. I discovered his Problogger website after a while, and it helped me tremendously in the early days, because he was always experimenting with new things and sharing it on the blog.

How much traffic does Daily Blog Tips get, on average? How have you seen this grow since first launching the site?

The blog gets around 300,000 monthly page views (according to the number of AdSense impressions, which I think is pretty accurate). I would say that the traffic grew gradually over the years. There were a couple of spikes here and there, but the overall growth trend was pretty linear.

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I see that you have about 25,000 RSS subscribers on Daily Blog Tips. Do you think RSS is still the best way to syndicate your newest posts, or do you market in different ways?

I believe having an RSS feed (with the email delivery option) is still essential to any blog (and to any website that gets updated frequently).

That being said, we need to evolve along with the Web, and that means adopting new content distribution models as they emerge. One of them is Twitter. It started as a microblogging and messaging tool, but today it works as a content distribution platform as well. Practically speaking, make sure that the readers of your blog can stay updated with it via Twitter, if so they desire.

What are some of your favorite posts on the blog?

I wrote one recently that received a good feedback. It was titled 4 Steps to Increase Blog Traffic. From my older posts, I like 43 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid and 28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website.

Daily Blog TipsHome Page

Can you share with us about how much revenue the blog makes through advertising space? Is it enough to cover hosting costs, domain registration, etc?

Among my three “Daily” blogs I make enough to live by. Advertising space is only one revenue source though. There are others, like affiliate marketing.

What are some of your favorite blogs on the web?

There are many. Here are some that I read quite often:

What advice would you give to someone looking to get started in blogging and making money online?

First of all you need to start with the right mindset, which is: creating a successful blog and making money with is possible, but it will take hard work and it won’t happen overnight. For most people it can take up to two years before they start making signficant money with their websites.

Are you willing to put the hard work in and be patient for the results? If so, go for it.

Other than that, blog about something that you are passionate or knowledgeable about. The rest will follow.

Visit the Site!

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Wow, he makes enough money to live off it. Impressive. Even though his blogs don’t have many banners. I’m surprised he makes that much money.
Another great interview.


I like DailyBlogTips. Thanks for the great interview.


Pro Blogger Daniel Scocco Shares his Internet Marketing Tips | Inside the Webb…

I got a chance to get an interview with Daniel about his popular blogging tips site. I got the inside scoop on how the blog was made, monetization, and even some words of advice for all the new bloggers out there looking to make a full-time income thro…

Yosef Solomon

Thanks for the interview! Definitely some key points I’ll be taking with me.

Liane | Blogging Tips

No oe hardly mentions Steve Pavlina (well technically, this is the first interview I’ve heard him being mentioned). I’m glad Daniel did. I’m a follower of him too 🙂


hmm i like this article


Nice interview… but I didn’t see many internet marketing tips there…


[…] Internet Marketing Tips from Daniel Scocco […]


As a new blogger, some of my question has been answered from that interview. I thought take more time to continue the interview to explain another internet marketing tips .. 🙂 thanks anyway.


Great article, love to see real stats and not just vague numbers. Helps to see where you really fit and where one can go!


Awesome article, It’s great to see the “great ones” who have managed to become successful in their online endeavors. Gives the rest of us newbies something to work towards and to look forward to.

Nick Stamoulis

The 43 website design mistakes is a great blog posts. So many people fall prey to some of those mentioned efforts really destroying the potential of their website.

SEO Doctor

You did well to get that interview…tweeting it now for you.

Henrik B

Some great tips from an excelent blogger. Blogging requrires a lot of work and determination to succeed, I think only very few people has what it takes to make a really succesful blog.

Ruben Ricart

Great Interview Indeed! – I’m a follower of Daily Blog Tips and also Steve Pavlina…Actually I frequent almost all the resources mentioned here….Good job in getting this interview from Daniel!….thanks!


DailyBlogTips is a great resource, and that was a great interview. I do think, however, that it should be noted that some people may very well take longer than 2 years to make “significant money” with their online projects. Wouldn’t want people to think that they’re failures if they couldn’t make it work after 2 years, after all.

Another Blogger

great to know that a one man blog like Daily Blog Tips can get 300,000 monthly page views, and Daniel could pay all the bill by running 3 blogs, that is good inspiration for me, excellent interview!

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[…] talked about this further in his interview on Inside the Webb. First of all you need to start with the right mindset, which is: creating a successful blog and […]

a Blogger

I have been reading Daniel’s blog for over a year now, there are some very good wordpress plugin tips there, great to see a daily blog tips interview here

Adam Coburn

Great article. I have massed around with blogs, but not on a scale where it is making me an money. Would be nice though!


Very useful article. I just start my blog. Hope will enjoy forever.

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SEO Link Company

he must be very successful. I hope to be like him someday. His motivation to be known and earn money at the same time made him achieve was he has right now. Good post! Inspiring!

Todd Hebert

I don’t think he shares much, but honestly to make enough to live off he does not need that much advertising on his blog as long as he has the traffic.

Truepal Woods

Just today I started reading this blog and read 4 posts – now my brain is jammed with info. Great blog!

Kudos to you


I will follow this tips and hope my adsense earnings will improve in the future. I will report back and tell you what happend to them.

Angel Knepp

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[…] talked about this further in his interview on Inside the Webb. First of all you need to start with the right mindset, which is: creating a successful blog and […]

Fay Afonso

thanks to you for the cool entry.

Charlyn Logarbo

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Alecia VPS

The strategies of internet marketing for blogs you have suggested are appreciative. The content “How did you get the idea for creating the blog?” is nice and gives courage to bloggers.

Blogger widgets

Great interview to read and learn for new bloggers who are suffering with blogging. This nice share will teach lot of facts that each and every blogger should know.

Thanks for the nice share.

Cameron Persaud

First time I’ve visited your website. I love it. Thanks for everything you do.