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Richard C Cook Website and Blog Lauches

Richard C Cook is a former U.S. federal government analyst who works as a writer and private consultant with particular focus on Monetary Reform....
Ian Carnaghan
59 sec read

Melting Moments

Melting Moments has been launched at  Melting Moments is a Northern Ireland based wedding catering services company specializing in chocolate fountain products.
Ian Carnaghan
28 sec read

Why Do We Need Financial Regulation?

  “The purpose of financial regulation is to improve upon the performance of financial markets relative to how they would perform driven solely by...
Ian Carnaghan
3 min read

Electronic Financial Transactions

Electronic financial transactions have become a common part of everyday life with enhancements in technology and a gradual acceptance and trust of these new...
Ian Carnaghan
2 min read

Work Visas within the United States

More and more companies within the US are hiring foreign personnel on work visas.  As a result, it is vital that any organization wishing...
Ian Carnaghan
6 min read

Team Dynamics within Marconi Communications

Marconi is a Telecommunication and Networking solutions organization involved in new technology products and solutions as well as the service to provide invaluable support...
Ian Carnaghan
9 min read

The 3Com Audrey

The Internet has become extremely popular within the last few years, however there are many people throughout the world that cannot afford to invest...
Ian Carnaghan
1 min read

Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo’s Search engine is broken down into categories and sub categories which allows users to browse through directories down to the levels of information...
Ian Carnaghan
1 min read

TSI (Ireland) Ltd.

Background Information TSI Ireland was formed over a year ago in February 1999 as a Private Limited Company.  Financial backing came from the two...
Ian Carnaghan
10 min read