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Interview with Steven Snell of

In Blogging, Web Design by Inside The Webb10 Comments

Website Design has become one of the most popular career paths, especially with many teenagers taking entry-level classes in high school, and with so many available resources to learn from. There are tons of web design blogs, galleries, news sites, and much more. However, there are only a select few that actually post up quality content, update frequently, and are …

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Express your 3D Avatars with Frenzoo

In Fun Sites, Personal by Inside The Webb1 Comment

Creating your own avatar online has become a popular trend. Everybody wants to have their own personal expression to make them stand out from the crowd. There is a different type of communication over the internet, and you need something to make yourself stand out next to everyone else. Most people have unique username’s on websites, but avatars are a …

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Link Your Social Networking Profiles Together with SocialFollow

In Social Networking, Web 2.0 by Inside The Webb9 Comments

Social Follow is a cool new web application that combines all of your other social networking and social bookmarking profiles. I’m sure we all have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, and many other profiles around the net. With SocialFollow, you are able to combine all of these profiles into one handy button. These are great for posting to your …

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Interview with Adobe’s Primary Developer of Rich Internet Applications Mark Anders

In Web 2.0, Web Development by Inside The Webb6 Comments

Mark Anders is a senior principal scientist at Adobe Systems, and one of his core responsibilities is to make Flash the platform for building the next generation of rich internet applications. Prior to Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia, Anders started and led the Flex Builder Team, but he is probably best known for his work at Microsoft, where during a decade-long …

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The House of the Dead: Overkill – Wii Preview

In Gaming by Ian CarnaghanLeave a Comment

The Dead House has risen the degumming of zombies to the rank of an art. After a through enough portage in episodes 2 and 3, the Wii will finally host an original and jubilant forthcoming opus. At the outset, the fans can rest assured, the unique atmosphere of The House of the Dead has been preserved. Bad taste, humor at …