The Next Devil May Cry Is Called DMC V

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Leaked details of Devil May Cry 5 has emerged on ResetEra . Hideaki Itsuno’s secret project for Capcom is the sequel to the  Devil May Cry series. Internally it appears to be called “Devil May Cry V” instead of using the standard numeric system of the previous games

According to this leak , the next Devil May Cry Game is going to be released in March 2019 , it is going to pick up after Devil May Cry 4 and not the DmC reboot in 2015 , our favorite characters Dante , Nero and Vergil are going to be a part of the game with the prince of Darkness as the main villain of the game . The game was going to be announced in 2017 at the PsX event but got pushed to E3 2018 .


It is rumored that the game will have 3 playable characters , Dante , Nero and a third unknown player who is said to be very strong . The style system is going to be back and the hard lock as well . Environments will be much larger compared to the previous Devil May Cry games , one boss fight proceeds to to different levels and the best part is that the game will target 60 fps on consoles .

Also , since Sony has a hand in the games development , it seems it will be a timed exclusive ,it will release  first on Sony and after some time on the PC .

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