New Web Design/Development Community Forrst Blows up Across the Web


Since the major success of Dribbble designers and developers have been looking for such amazing communities to share resources. Because of this, isn’t really a totally new idea in and of itself. However the implementation and UI features are so unique, the community has exploded over the past few months since launch.

Forrst allows you to register an account and run your own profile, similar to a Twitter or Foursquare profile. You can follow other designers/developers in the community to receive their updates on your homepage dashboard.. also in real-time! You can choose to share graphics or mockup designs, called “snaps”, with all of your followers in the community. You can also share snippits of code and even as questions directly to the Forrst community!


It’s truly a place where very passionate Internet enthusiasts have migrated and share very insightful conversations. When you first register you choose what type of account you want to run – designer, developer, or both. It doesn’t limit what types of content you can post based on your account, it’s just easier for others to look at your profile and get a quick idea of what you do.

Although still in private testing, the app has skyrocketed in popularity all across the web since the summer started. I got my invite 4-5 weeks ago, and I have to say I’ve started a small addiction with the site. There’s always amazing content being shared and really interesting questions being asked. It’s almost impossible to log in without learning something new.

The best way to get an invite is to just network around the design community. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet I’d highly recommend signing up – it’s completely free and it’s the best networking tool I’ve ever used for Internet junkies.

2 accounts you’ll absolutely want to follow would be Forrst’s main @forrst, and also the site’s creator Kyle Bragger (@kylebragger). If you don’t get an invite right away don’t give up hope – the community is building so quickly there’s going to be more and more invites to give out over the next few months. That being the case, get your name out there!

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