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New ‘Overwatch’ Support Hero You’ve Been Waiting For

For Overwatch lovers, do you remember when the team promised a new superhero? It seems like out of nowhere...

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overwatch support hero brigitte

For Overwatch lovers, do you remember when the team promised a new superhero? It seems like out of nowhere the superhero is already here. Brigitte, a new melee overwatch support hero has joined the party and every diehard fan should be excited. Visit the game’s PTR servers right now and experience the awesomeness that this game has to bring.

However, for the massive Overwatch fans, it is not the first time that you hear of Brigitte. Over the years, the support team has been hinting that there was a high likelihood that a new superhero would join the bandwagon. Brigitte’s first appearance was in the Dragon Slayer comic. She played the role of the daughter of one of the most loved dwarfs in Sweden. In Overwatch, Brigitte is the perfect superhero dealing with defense and health restoration. She is cool and reshuffles the idea of modern superheroes.

Just like Reinhardt, Brigitte’s has a slight AOW and distance effect. However, the more she is hit, the more the allies heal. Through her deployable shield, she can cover herself from uncouth environment and neighbors. Other features that the superhero has include healing, repair pack, moving fast and have body armor. Also, Rally gives her a small boost in speed and has an aura similar to that of Lucio’s Sound Barrier.

Initially, there were cries for Overwatch to have support characters that have varying abilities. This would provide a balance in healing and the damage caused. It seems the company responded to that by releasing Brigitte into the park. However, because the game is full of surprises, all the Overwatch fans should stay awake for the trailer that Blizzard is likely to make a grand entry. The support team is committed to developing the game further.

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