Netvibes runs your Online Dashboard for Social News and Media Updates


Netvibes is an amazing startup application founded back in 2005. It allows you to create a personal dashboard which you can log into, and from your account page you can set up whatever content you’d like to see.

Aggregated RSS feeds, real-time tweets and trending topics, e-mails, podcasts, and a whole lot more. It’s a revolution of social media and networking!

It’s an interesting application, to say the least. It has many features you don’t find on other social apps, and it allows combination of information like never before. I haven’t seen any mobile implementation as of yet, though I would like to see an app for the iPhone come out.


I do have a small problem with the site, and it’s only about load time. I’m not sure how many users are active on the service as of now, but loading so many widgets on so many profile’s every day must be exhausting bandwidth and server resources. Other than that, though, the benefits seems to far outweigh the this small tidbit (which can easily be corrected with a proper business implementation/funding).

The company itself has offices in Paris, London and San Francisco, California. The typical growing startup, the team is just over 30 members and has been growing since launch. Implementation of new features are being developed and released all the time.

An interesting idea to consider in the future is an intranet for companies hosted online. Netvibes could enter a business-type of realm where companies could have an entire network based on Netvibes, and employees would see their own personal Netvibes homepage through the companies machines.

Interesting concept for a web startup, and I’ll surely be monitoring growth closely. It’s an innovative idea and connecting our web presence like never before, and with such a driven team I don’t think we can expect anything less than extraordinary.

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