Mixx Partners with Marketfish for New Ad Platform


With the popularity of social news, there have been many launches and premieres of new apps on the scene. One of the most popular and rising clone site’s is Mixx.com. Very similar to Digg, Mixx allows users to vote up the hottest articles and news based on categories ranging from world news, technology, science, and gaming.

In a recent Mixx blog post, there is some discussion about Mixx partnering with advertising agency Marketfish. The pair are planning on working to send out e-mails targeted to specific users based on their interests, in return for (what I would assume) as some capital for the Mixx team to continue their work.

So what does this mean for Mixx users?

From the article, it sounds like Mixx has created a partnership with Marketfish for some type of funding. Marketfish is then able to promote specific items or content to users on Mixx, based on their preferences. These would include the tags you frequently visit, categories on your “My Mixx” page, among other aspects of your profile.

According to the post, Mixx is not trying to just spam its userbase.

You’ll get these offers via email—no more than two per month, unless you ask for more. And if you have friends who’d like to get in on this, just let us know and we’ll make sure they get the same types of deals.

The idea sounds like it’s pretty stable, and if this is helping fund Mixx to pay for developers and server load then who can really complain? There is also the option of turning off these updates, you can edit those in your Mixx profile settings. I have left them on, more out of curiosity than anything else.

I would really like to see what types of ads Mixx is planning on serving up with this new system. Only time will tell as they roll out some of these features. I’ll be following along, and will update here on ITW as soon as there’s more info.

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