Mixx Launches New YourMixx Homepage Features in Beta


Popular social news site Mixx has launched a new YourMixx homepage. The YourMixx section is a customized portion of your homepage which is displayed as soon as you log into the site. It’s different from the front page of other sites such as Digg, as it is customized for each users preferences.

The Mixx Staff has released a new blog post mentioning some of the new updates. To me it sounds very exciting, the staff at Mixx are really trying to listen to what the users have to say, and are working from that angle to fix any issues wrong with the YourMixx homepage.

They’ve got a lot of good ideas being shared over at the site. Namely you can see the voting methods are much different on the beta page, the stories are much simpler to scroll through and cast a vote. You’re also displayed a small list of categories you frequently visit and mixx articles in, making it even easier to find content.

In regards to the staff’s work on the site, it seems as though everyone is just trying to get user feedback and input with ideas. Below is a quote from Mixx’s blog post, stating their innovations working with users suggestions:

Head on over to give it a try! We encourage and look forward to your feedback. Do you like the look and flow? What do you have to say about the content being pulled in? How does it compare to the current YourMixx? Let us know. We want to hear from you so we know what our most valued users think about the direction of a very important product here at Mixx.

Although only time will truly tell as the YourMixx page goes from beta to initial launch, but I’m truly excited to see what Mixx is cookin’ up! It seems as though they’re planning to integrate TweetMixx into the page, suggesting new stories based on what’s happening over at their Twitter-based API rendition of Mixx + Twitter.

Itching to try the beta out for yourself? Just make sure you’re logged into Mixx and then check your homepage screen for a small box with the link. Alternatively, you can also just click this: http://www.mixx.com/your_mixx/beta

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