Leaked Screenshot of New Digg by Kevin Rose via Twitter

As we all know, Kevin Rose is the brilliant face behind the wildly popular social news site Digg.com. This past Sunday via this tweet Rose leaked a photo which shows a preview of what the new Digg may look like.

There’s actually some in-depth analysis and discussions over at TechCrunch’s post as well. It appears as though the entire home screen has gotten a re-make, showcasing more of a personal list of stories instead of the most popular for the day.

Although it’s not confirmed by anyone, this dramatic change to Digg’s interface would greatly affect the way users interact with the system. By getting your story to the front page of Digg you were guaranteed tens of thousands of visitors checking our your site.

This technical detail isn’t totally removed in this new version of Digg, but it is controlled as users home pages would be custom tailored to their most interested categories, friends’ submissions, or even the top stories for the day. I can’t begin to explain where things may be going, but I’m extremely excited for the launch.

Although Kevin’s neat little preview is nice, you can also get a great screengrab from Digg’s official updates page. You can sign up at http://digg.com/new with your e-mail address to get updates for when the new Digg is launched, but the background image is a clear shot of Digg’s newest interface.

From this shot, it appears as though new categories are going to be added to the social news app. You can get a glimpse in the sidebar with Kevin logged in, showing a few personal topics such as Tea and LOST. How these sections will work is still unknown, but I would hope to see a system similar to Reddit’s SubReddit framework.

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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