What is the Global Check-In function in Joomla! for?

Ever wondered what the Global Check-In function is for in Joomla! When you select Tools->Global Check-In in the Administrator Backend of Joomla!(www.yoursite.com/administrator)

GLOBAL CHECK-IN – When an item is checked out or abandoned without saving or canceled in the correct manner (such as with a connection error or the use of “back” on the browser or suddenly or accidently closing the browser) the item is locked, normally a LOCK appears where the Green Check Mark displays next to Menu Items or Content Items. It will remain checked or locked out, and thus un-editable for all other admin users and then only the user who was the cause for the unedibility of the item then can correct this by logging in and saving the item. Performing a Global Checkinwill make all those locked items available again. This option is only available in the Administrator (Back-end) or as a User Menu item for logged-in users.

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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