How to remove “Owned by ixsso.dll, [email protected]” when loading Joomla! site

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What do you do when you open your Joomla! website and the site is replaced by Owned by ixsso.dll[email protected], now the Question is how to remove Owned by ixsso.dll , [email protected] or how to repair Owned by ixsso.dll[email protected].


Owned by ixsso.dll

[email protected]


This means that your site has been hacked. Hopefully you have a Backup of your entire Joomla! site. Locate your FTP details and login to your Site via FTP. In the root directory locate the index.php file and replace it with the index.php file from your Backup of your Joomla! site. If you don’t have a Backup (Please always have a Backup ready!) of your Joomla! site, find out exactly what version of Joomla! you have or had. eg. Joomla! 1.5.3 or Joomla! 1.0.13. Download the complete Joomla! installation package from (Remember to download the same version that you used for the site that was being hacked). Extract the Joomla! installation, replace the index.php file of your site with the index.php file from the Joomla! installation that you have just exstracted. Now your site should work again as ussual.


  • Always Backup your site. View the Tutorial session on how to do this?
  • Make sure your File Permissions are setup properly. View the Tutorial session on how to do this?

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