How to check for empty values within a array using PHP

If you have an array called $array with the below values

    [0] => 1299016800
    [1] => 
    [2] => 

As we can see in the above example we have 2 empty values within the array, now how do we determine this using PHP

First we get the size of the array

$mainSize = sizeof($array);

Now we get the size of the array without the empty values

$emptySize =sizeof(array_filter($array));

Now we compare the 2 different sizes, if they are equal to each other, then it means that there aren’t empty values within the array, else there are empty values within the array

$mainSize = sizeof($array);
$emptySize =sizeof(array_filter($array));
if($mainSize == $emptySize){
              echo 'Array not empty';
              echo 'Array is empty';

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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