Firefox Flash Player Problems with Ubuntu 9.04

When loading Flash enabled websites in Firefox I get Flash Player problems? I’m running Firefox 3.0.13 on Ubuntu 9.04


  • When loading Google Analytics some flash features like the DashboardVisitors Overview and Map Overlay just load the whole time without any results displaying.
  • Some sites eg. does not work properly in Firefox.
  • General Flash Problems occur when loading Flash Websites.


Somehow this problem occurs even if the latest Adobe Fash Player has been installed, reason being is that Firefox still uses an old version of the Flash Player Plugin.

To view the version of the Flash Player Plugin that Firefox uses follow the steps below.

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. In the URL address bar type in “about:plugins
  3. Locate the Shockwave Flash Plugin and there you’ll find the version you use.

    Flash Version

In order to solve this problem follow the steps below.


  1. In Ubuntu open your home directory. eg. /home/yourName/
  2. Press Ctrl+H together in order to view hidden files and folders.
  3. Locate the .mozilla folder and create a backup of this folder.
  4. Now delete the .mozilla folder from your home directory. (Ensure that you made a backup of this folder)
  5. Open Synaptic Package Manager

    Synaptic Package Manager

  6. Now uninstall all Flash and Firefox packages using Synaptic Package Manager. This can be accomplished by searching for Firefox and Flash using Synaptic, untick the checkboxes next to these packages and click on Apply to uninstall.
  7. Now after the uninstall, install adobe-flashplugin via Synaptic Package Manager.

    Adobe Flash Plugin

  8. Once Adobe Flash Player has been installed install Firefox via Sypnaptic Package Manager.


  9. Now copy your backup .mozilla folder to your home directory and overwrite the existing .mozilla folder.
  10. Restart Firefox and load a Flash web site and the problem should be solved.

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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