Creating Aliases in Ubuntu

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How to create Aliases in Ubuntu? If you have a command that you run all the time in Ubuntu like pwd to print your working directory, you can create an alias for that specific command. In otherwords a shorter version for the pwd command.


  1. Open a Terminal Window (CLI = Command Line Interface)
  2. Type the command cd to take you to your home directory.
  3. Now you need to edit the .bashrc file.
  4. To edit the .bashrc file, type in the following command:
    gedit .bashrc
  5. This will open the .bashrc file in GEdit for editing.
  6. Now we want to assign a alias for the pwd command. We want to name the aliasp
  7. Add the following line at the bottom of the .bashrc file: alias p=’pwd’
  8. Close GEdit.
  9. Log out and log in again to make the alias active.
  10. Type in p in the command line and it should give the same results as pwd.

Last Updated On April 07, 2018
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