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Rendering your web pages in Internet Explorer using the Firefox Extension IE NetRenderer


STEP 1 Visit  to download the IE NetRenderer Firefox Extension. STEP 2 In the search box search for IE NetRenderer and click on the green button to search. STEP 3 Now the search results should display IE NetRenderer, if it does click on the green Add to Firefox button to install the Extension. STEP 4 Now click on Install Now STEP 5 IE NetRenderer will now be installed. After installation click...

How to change the download location where Firefox downloads files


NOTE: This has been tested on Firefox 3.0.13 running Ubuntu 9.04 Open Firefox In Windows click on “Tools->Options“ In Linux (Ubuntu) click on “Edit->Preferences“ Now a Window will open similar to the screenshot below Click on the Main tab Under the Downloads section, locate Save files to and select the location where all downloads should be stored by using...

How to disable favicons in Firefox


Favicons are those little icons that usually are located next to the address bar on the right hand side of your Firefox webbrowser. NOTE: Been tested and tried in Firefox 3.0.12 but should work in all different versions of Firefox.   Answer: Open Firefox In the address bar type in the following ‘about:config‘ and hit enter Search for ‘browser.chrome‘ by using...

How to password protect Firefox


NOTE: Tested and Tried with Firefox 3.0.14 on Ubuntu 9.04   Answer: Open Firefox Click on Edit->Preferences (In Windows this will be under Tools) Click on the Security Tab Underneath Passwords there should be an option ‘ Use a master password ‘ tick the checkbox next to it A screen will pop-up where you need to enter you’re password Enter you’re password and click...

How to disable and enable automatic updates in Firefox


Open Firefox Click on Tools->Options or in Linux Edit->Preferences Click on the Advanced Tab in the right hand corner Click on the Update tab in the second row Below Automatically check for updates to:  Uncheck Firefox, Installed Add-ons and Search Engines to disable all automatic updates and check the boxes to enable all of them again. Alternatively you could select what Firefox should do...

The Adobe Acrobat/Reader that is running can not be used to view PDF files in a Web Browser


After installing Adobe Reader 9 I get this error: The Adobe Acrobat/Reader that is running can not be used to view PDF files in a Web Browser. Please exit Adobe Acrobat/Reader and exit your Web Browser and try again.
In Firefox click on Tools->Options and then on the Applications tab
Set the action for the Content Type: pdf File to Use Adobe Reader 9.x and the problem will be solved

DHTML menu appears behind form field selector dropdowns in Internet Explorer 6


When the menu loads, it is loading behind the html formselectors (select boxes). Unfortunately there isn’t a fixed solution to this since select boxes have an infinite Z-Index in Internet Explorer 6. Possible Solutions: Try putting the select box in an iframe for Internet Explorer 6. And the main page will be in front of the Iframe. Note: Opera 8 has the same problem...

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