How to Edit, Remove or Recall Skype messages that you’ve sent


This Skype functionality comes in handy if you’ve made a typing error or if you’ve send the wrong message to the wrong person. NOTE: If your recipient uses a Linux version of Skype and you a Windows version of Skype this functionality unfortunately won’t work at present (when this article got written). Right click on the message Select Edit message to modify message or Remove...

How to configure Pidgin 2.5.5 for Google Talk


Open Pidgin
Click Accounts->Manage Accounts->Add
Add the following
Protocol: XMPP
Screen name: You’re Google Talk screen name without @gmail.com
Server: gmail.com
Password:  You’re GMail password
Click on the Advanced Tab and then add the following
Connect server: talk.google.com
Click save and it should work.

How to use Skype hidden emoticons


Did you know that  Skype has hidden emoticons? Below you’ll find a list of hiddenSkype emoticons. In order to use these, open Skype type in (rock) in the message writing box and hit the enter key, and the Rock emoticon will appear.
Have fun!!!

How to add a Color Picker utility in Komodo Edit


Follow the steps below in order to add the color picker STEP 1 In Komodo click on the Top Toolbar TOOLBOX->ADD->NEW MACRO STEP 2 Give your Macro a new name eg. Color Picker STEP 3 Set the language to JavaScript STEP 4 Copy the following code into the textarea below underneath where you set the language /*  * JavaScript macro to provide a basic color picker for hexadecimal colors.  * Assign...

How to delete Komodo Edit 6 in Ubuntu


Delete the Komodo directory that the Komodo Edit installer created. If you do not know where that directory is use the locate command on the command line to locate the Komodo folder. eg. locate komodo Once found delete the Komodo Edit 6 folder sudo rm -rf /home/USERNAME/Komodo-Edit-6/{/bash} Replace USERNAME with your name or user name that you use to loginTo delete all your Komodo Edit...

How to add a code snippet/code template in NetBeans IDE 6.9.1


Open NetBeans IDE 6.9.1 On the Main Toolbar select Tools->Options Click on Editor and then on the Code Templates tab Click on the New button to create a new Code Template Give it a Abbreviation and click OK In the Expanded Text tab type in your Code In the Description Tab give the Code a description In the Language Combo Box select the language for the Code Template Expand Template...

How to disable ASUS Express Gate Cloud


I recently had a Asus Netbook 1015b to work on and everytime I boot it up the ASUS Express Gate Cloud came up and I needed to remove it since I don’t use it. This is what I did to remove it On Boot I pressed F2 immediately when promted to enter the Bios Under the Boot menu item I found that Express Gate was Enabled, I pressed the minus (-) key to disable it. And then F10 to save and exit...

How to set FileZilla to Active Mode


Click on Edit and then Settings
Click on FTP on the left hand side of the Window and then tick the Radio button next to Active underneath Passive.
Untick Allow fall back to other transfer mode on failure, to ensure it stays in Active mode if needed.

How to set Sublime Text 3 when double clicking a variable to include the $ sign


Open Sublime Text 3 Click on Preferences->Settings – User Add the following line to the file "word_separators": "./\\()\"'-:,.;<>~!@#%^&*|+=[]{}`~?" Example: {     "bold_folder_labels": false,     "color_scheme": "Packages/User/VisualStudio Dark (SL).tmTheme",     "font_size": 9,     "ignored_packages":     [         "Vintage"     ],     "word_separators": "./\\()\"'-:...

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