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How to remove all white spaces within a string using PHP

There are two functions that could be used namely str_replace and  preg_replace. First, we’ll give an example using str_replace. str_replace is the preferred method since...

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How to alternate between 2 colors using PHP

This could come in handy if you have a table with multiple rows and if you wish to alternate...

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How to convert a MySQL Datetime field to a Unix Timestamp using PHP

In the example you’ll find a handy PHP function that will do the conversion. <?php   $DATETIME = '2010-04-22...

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How to get the current UNIX timestamp using PHP

UNIX TIMESTAMP: Is the time measured in seconds since the start of the Unix epoch “1 January 1970” Use the PHP...

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How to get the first element of an array using PHP

If you have the array $array = array('a','b','c','d'); you will need to get the value a from the array Answer: Use...

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How to change the Return-path email address using the PHPMailer class

Fill the $Sender property with the email address you wish to have as the Return-path  E.g. $mail->Sender="[email protected]"; This property can be found...

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Getting PHP Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context

Make sure that you did not include a function within the empty PHP function. eg if(empty(getUsers())){}

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How to validate a date format using PHP

To check whether the date entered is in the correct format NOTE: We will use the following date format...

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How to compare two dates using PHP

First we need to convert the two dates to UNIX Timestamps using the PHP function strtotime Then we can compare the two...

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