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How to add JavaScript to you view files using the Yii Framework

Add the JavaScript code as below to your view $js = Yii::app()->getClientScript();   $js->registerScript(   'my-javascript-id',   'var value...

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How to change the url for Yii::app()->homeUrl in Yii

Open the main configuration file protected/config/main.php Now in the main.php file we can assign a Action or Url to homeUrl _highlight = “\n\nreturn...

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How to set the Theme in the Yii Framework on the Fly

Yii::app()->theme = 'ThemeName'; The above code can be set anywhere in your Yii Application to change the current Theme.

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How to get the Attribute Label of a attribute in a Model using Yii Framework

Use the getAttributeLabel() method (available since v1.1.4) Code Example: Products::model()->getAttributeLabel('brand_id') The above example gets the attribute label for the brand_id attribute...

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How to Embed CSS into a View using the Yii Framework 1.1

This can be done using the registerCss() method of the CClientScript class. CClientScript manages JavaScript and CSS stylesheets for views.  registerCss()registers a piece of CSS code. Place code similar to the...

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How to delete a Cookie in Yii Framework 1.1

To delete all Cookies execute the following command: Yii::app()->request->cookies->clear(); To delete a specific cookie execute the command below, only...

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