How to enable and disable the firewall on Ubuntu 16.04


The UFW firewall is the default firewall that ships standard with the Ubuntu Linux Distribution. UFW stands for Uncomplicated Firewall. To enable the UFW firewall, open a new Terminal window and execute the following command: sudo ufw enable To disable the UFW firewall, open a new Terminal windows and execute the following command:...

UFW Firewall: How to open a port


When you would like to grant SSH access on a Ubuntu machine, you would need to allow access to port 22. In order to allow access to port 22 you would need to add a rule to ufw to open up access to port 22. To allow access to port 22 you would need to do the following: Open a new Terminal Window Enter the following command: sudo ufw allow 22 The typical success message will look similar to the...

How to install Sublime Text 3 in Ubuntu


Open the Terminal Then add Sublime Text 3 to your PPA repository sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-3​   After you have added the package, you need to update your package list to get the latest information on the newest versions of packages and their dependencies. sudo apt-get update​   Finally you can install Sublime Text 3 using the Package Manager sudo apt-get...

Where is the Trash folder located in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


The trash folder can be found at:
Replace username with your username.
The trash folder can also be accessed using the Graphical User Interface by opening the File Manager.
Once opened, press the key combination CTRL+H to view all hidden files and folders.
Open the .local folder, then the share folder and then finally the Trash folder.

How to get the 60GB Cell C Speed Stick MF668 working on Ubuntu 11.04


Open a new Terminal Window Type in lsusb ( lsusb is a utility for displaying information about USB buses in the system and the devices connected to them. ) A list of USB buses in the System will appear, the Cell C device will be listed as Bus 002 Device 007: ID 19d2:1224 ONDA Communication S.p.A. Install usb-modeswitch, usb-modeswitch-data and libusb-1.0-0 via the Command Line, the code below can...

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