Adding a link head tag with Joomla 3

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If you have a custom Joomla plugin or component and you would like to add a link head tag to the page, then Joomla has a way for you to do this.

To accomplish this you would make use of the JDocumentHTML class using the addHeadLink method.

This method adds tags to the head of the document. The syntax for this method is as follows:

addHeadLink(string $href, string $relation, string $relType = 'rel', array $attribs = array()) : \JDocumentHTML
  • $href is of Data type string and contains the linked resource.
  • $relation is of Data type string and contains the relation.
  • $relType is of Data type string and contains the relation type. May be ‘rel‘ indicating a forward relation, or ‘rev‘ for a reverse relation.  The default value is rel
  • $attrbs is of Data type array and contains a associative array of remaining attributes.

If you would like to build the following link

<link href="" rel="canonical" >

Then the syntax would be:

$document = JFactory::getDocument();
$document->addHeadLink( '', 'canonical', 'rel');

Last Updated On March 24, 2018
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