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Digg is one of my, if not the #1 favorite social news site to date. Wracking up tens of millions of pageviews monthly, Digg, Inc. is a dominant force on the web which has only seen constant and substantial growth. Keeping up with your friend’s submissions on the site can get a bit tricky, but with Sub Digger+ the whole process is made very easy.

Once at the page, all you do is plug in your Digg username and hit “enter”. The app will take a few seconds to load, as it’s contacting Digg’s API and retrieving all of your friend’s latest submissions from the past 24 hrs. After a few moments of loading, you’ll be displayed with your first story and some more details in a toolbar below.


You can see who submitted the story, how long ago, to what category, and how many other stories there are in your list. If you don’t want to go through the list story-by-story, you can also click the “list view” button on the right side. This will load up the collection of your friend’s submitted stories in a nice table, also shown in the screenshot of the apps homepage.

Although it’s a simple tool, the look and feel of Sub DiggerPlus is so simplistic and easy to grasp. It only took me 2-3 times before I really got the hang of things, and you start to learn about new features the more you use it. However if the whole thing seems a bit overwhelming, they’ve got a user Guide handy for reading.

The real benefit for me is allowing me to see an entire list of my friend’s submissions, including who subbed it and what their avatar is. This allows me to, at a glance, see which stories I’m more interested in digging and which one’s I may put off or pass on.

All-in-all a pretty useful app for the average Digg user. Many people just don’t have a large friends list, so DiggerPlus isn’t exactly needed in this case. However for us running a big network, the app is an enormous lifesaver. Check it out, if you’ve got the time.

Sub DiggerPlus

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