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We can all agree that connecting with each other is important. This is especially the case in the world of business, where communications can be as important as arranging a business meeting promptly at 9:30AM. I spoke with Patrick Moran of Fuze Meeting’s Marketing division, and got the inside scoop on the new web conferencing tool.

Found at, you can find out more about this fantastic application that allows conferences to be held on the internet through PC’s, Macs, or even mobile devices. No more worries about needing to have 10 employees in one room at the same time to discuss the next business plan, Fuze Meeting can make it easier. I have added the Fuze Meeting tutorial video below, and read more about my interview with the company’s VP of Marketing, Patrick Moran below!

Fuze Meeting from Patrick Moran on Vimeo.

What is Fuze Meeting, and what is the main purpose of the application?

Fuze Meeting lets you share everything you see in high definition with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

How did you come up with the idea for Fuze Meeting, and why did you decide to create a Web Conferencing tool?

We looked at the market and didn’t see any real innovation in this space in the last 10 years. Whenever this happens in a market, there is an opportunity for disruption, and we want to be the disruptor.

How many people work for Fuze Meeting? What are the main roles of the employees?

The Fuze Meeting team is a healthy mix of serious software engineers with multiple disciplines, marketing genius and business acumen representing various verticals including software, collaboration, consumer and enterprise.

How difficult was it to develop a platform that will run properly on Mac, PC, and Mobile devices?

Candidly, yes, it is difficult to build out on both Mac and PC as well as iPhone, BlackBerry, etc. It is a lot of work but we are dedicated to making it incredibly easy to join online meetings anytime anywhere, so its worth the investment.

What sites were used for inspiration when creating the design, UI, or concept of Fuze Meeting?

We let our customers inspire us with user testing, focus groups and prototyping. We aspire to have the best UI and user experience in the category and invest a lot in the “front end” of the app. We are not perfect yet, but with customer feedback, hopefully someday we will be!

Can you share an interesting story of memory you have from creating or developing the application?

We have a very distributed team throughout the U.S. And Bulgaria. When we first started out, we were flying everywhere trying to get everyone on the same page. Our product wasn’t ready yet, so we would be forced to use some of our competitors software. This forced us to go even faster because we didn’t want to endure their non-intuitive interfaces any longer!

Where do you see Fuze Meeting growing within the near future?

Short answer is wherever our customers take us — the longer answer is we want to be the single place you go when you need to share something. We have some exciting social networking integrations planned in the near future that will allow you to jump in and out of adhoc meetings even more easily than today. We also so see netbooks and a new class of mobile devices driving our mobile roadmap in the near future.

The design of the site is very clean, straightforward, and screams web 2.0. How did you come up with the design concept?

First of all — thanks! We decided early on we want to appear friendly and consumer-like — we didn’t want to be seen as an “enterprise software company” despite our advanced product. We ended up with a rather “Web 2.0” oriented look and feel as a result. We are very pleased with the customer response thus far.

How many members do you currently have signed up for plans with Fuze Meeting? Have you seen any substantial growth in this area?

We have over 500,000 registered users on the Fuze Platform; a fast-growing subset of these are paying users and we are excited by the adoption rates!

What is your favorite social networking / web 2.0 application and why?

Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. They each serve a unique, different purpose in my life. I also use Britekite location services on my iphone when on the road.

If you had any advice for someone creating their own web 2.0 application, what would it be and why?

Stay true to the end user! You can’t go wrong if you obsess about the customer experience. Don’t obsess about technology; obsess about user experience.

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