Internet Kills Sylvester Stallone With Prostate Cancer * WINK *WINK

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Hello Dear Techverse Readers ! Today for a change we thought of writing an article for you just for some laughs and gags and do we have some funny news !


Apparently our dear old Rocky / Rambo / The Italian man who was born to bring good action to the screen has passed away , Twice ! By twice i mean yes , twice ! Apparently two years back in 2016 he was rumored to have died . Two years later it seems the internet is not cutting him slack , as the internet is in a storm because of the news that’s spreading like wild fire , which is that yes he has died again , imagine Sylvester Stallone’s shock , but this time it is because he lost his battle with prostate cancer , i mean if you’re going to run some false rumors about your favorite childhood action hero at least give him the honor of a good death . But no seems not , the internet is a dark place and full of terror and our dear friend Sly is learning that the hard way.

In response Satllone Uploaded a vidioe on instagram this Monday  proving he’s definitely not dead .


He captioned : “Locking my daughters outside during a slight hail storm… It’s so great to be back from the Dead!!!”

Way to take a joke the way it’s meant to Stallone , you’re not our Hero for nothing !

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