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All good social media resources will run plenty of accounts through many social networking websites. This allows for a much larger readerbase, as fans can find out about your site through many different means. Well today Inside the Webb finally has a Facebook Fan Page!

We have been running a Twitter @insidethewebb and a Google Buzz profile for a few months now. Since then we’ve seen a huge surge in traffic – not just from people checking out the site through our social profiles, but also checking out our latest articles shared through these resources.

This leaves a lot of room for our Facebook page to grow. Currently at the time of posting this we’ve only acquired 3 fans, but with marketing and ideas I’m sure we can turn Facebook into another great medium to promote Inside the Webb’s latest posts!

Unfortunately for now we can’t have a vanity URL. According to Facebook’s Fan Page rules, we need 25 unique fans of the site before we can create the vanity URL. Hopefully things should progress quickly, as our RSS subscriptions, Twitter followers , and Google Buzz followers have just been growing rapidly since launch.

We’ll also be sharing photos of events and popular new site launches. Discussions can also be held on the page, which allows for fans to communicate with not just me and the Inside the Webb staff, but also with other fans of the network. It’s a big day for networking here, and hopefully we’ll just see continuous growth from here on out!

ITW Fan Page

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