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Of the many professional stock photography galleries on the web there are many different options to choose from. Professional bloggers and digital artists are always looking for strategic photographs. These can be used in articles, web magazines, website layouts, and tons of other places!

The fact comes simply as Fotolia is easily one of the best choices out there. Generally images are charged per download where you may choose a size from small to full-scale. These all come without watermarks and are offered for multiple downloads after a single payment. Of course the even greater benefit is how quickly their library is growing!

Many photographers are happy to offer their works into the gallery. The entire community runs internationally with photographers from around the world. There is a lot of information for contributors or for those seeking to have their photos featured. Payouts are sent via royalty checks and add up per download.

The System

For each download of a photo the site tallies a full count and stores each individually. Once photos get over 250,000 downloads they reach ribus status. This is the second to highest element in the downloads section.

house demo stock

You may use this criteria to aide your search for high-quality photos. Within the search files of the website it’s not difficult to limit queries based upon popularity and rankings. On a similar scale all photos with 1,000,000 downloads or more are granted diamond status. Some photographs in this highest ranking will be worth more and thus offer photographers more money.

For graphics designers there is a whole portion of the catalog devoted to digital works. Photograph is big, however there are website designers looking for page graphics and vector work. you may browse these galleries and be pleasantly surprised with the quality of downloads. Vectors include icons, patterns, business cards, wallpapers, and many other types of web graphics.

User Experience

The great process of browsing Fotolia is matched by a complementary user experience process. When digging through collective galleries each image offers a hover state. This can be seen quite clearly in any fashion and makes processing your queries much easier.

Each single entry page offers a watermarked copy of the download file. The original demo isn’t scaled to full size and makes it much harder for digital artists to render and steal the copies.

testing image

Most download files are stored at 300DPI, but there are similar solutions which offer the web-friendly 72DPI. Resolutions and dimensions are displayed in an organized table for consideration. Depending on your membership status or total credits it’s entirely possible to rack up a full set of vector artwork and photographs rather quickly.

In the right-side menu you’ll find a few useful tools. The shopping cart links allow you to purchase multiple files at a time, with or without an account. The full tag cloud of keywords may help browsing the portfolio and save you a lot of time. There are well over millions of photos within their gallery, so it’s crucial to limit your searches specifically towards what you need.

Aside from keywords or tags each image is sorted into a category. 3D images, icons, buildings, and nature are just a few examples. Sorting through these category links may give you a better idea towards what you’re looking for. You will also find the unique image URL and embed code. This is displayed for members only, or for those who have purchased the full image rights.

All-in-all Fotolia is a beautiful website with an organic user experience. Their prices for photography are on par with other similar competing brands. However I find their quality more than exceeds most other communities. If you’re looking for a brilliant stock photography provider I highly recommend trying out their system for yourself!

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