How Your Compete Rank can Directly Affect your Blog


Mostly all internet marketers are aware of what Google’s PageRank is. Ranking pages on a scale of 0-10 based on the amount of backlinks, and the quality of those links. Compete works in a very similar way to Alexa, where it ranks different site’s positions in the grand scheme of thinks. Now with Alexa Ranking the lower the better, and the same goes for Compete Ranking.

But just what can Compete offer? I’m not going to claim they’re another statistic you really need to focus on, but they are out there and advertisers do consider Compete when it comes to pricing. So it can’t hurt to have a decent Compete rank, and could even net you some extra dough in ads.

Why Even Focus on Compete?

I will admit that it seems pointless to focus on Compete. The Alexa Rank is used much more widely in SEO and marketing, so having a low Alexa Rank is much better than Compete. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore them – in fact, try to utilize both!

Not everyone who wants to buy ad space on your site fully understands what these ranks mean. So what does that mean for you? If you can show them more numbers, they’ll be much more confident with their purchases.

People interested in purchasing ad space on a blog really want to know just how popular the blog is. Google PR, Alexa, and Compete Rank are all stats which you can share with them to invoke confidence in their purchase. Some may say Compete isn’t really needed, but it is another number which all businessmen like (if it’s in your favor).

How to Build Compete Rank

Alas, I cannot fully answer this question for you. Compete is no less tricky than Alexa, where it is built based on the number of visitors you get, how many pageviews they give, and how many backlinks you’re getting. There really isn’t much you can do for your site on specifics of raising these ranks, expect just build your site!

Drawing in traffic, for sure, is your best bet. I haven’t quite figured out how Compete gathers it’s data (Alexa uses a toolbar which it’s users install to share statistics about visitor trends). But nonetheless, Compete does gather some in-depth information about your site which can really be useful in the long run.

I highly recommend registering an account at Compete. There are some plans where you can pay money, but the normal free account should do just fine. Once registered, you have access to tons and tons of data about your website, and you can even compare websites side-by-side!

Anybody else have further information about what Compete really does? They seem like another Alexa, but much nicer design and better stats.

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