How StumbleUpon Advertising has Increased Traffic


Those who use StumbleUpon for both casual web surfing and internet marketing know how powerful the site is. It’s grown substantially over the last year or 2, increasing not only it’s userbase but also the amount of submitted articles and stumbled posts.

One thing that sets StumbleUpon apart from the others is its unique advertising. You can pay $0.05/visitor which StumbleUpon sends your way, and you can do this for any page or article on your site. This adds up after a while – $5.00 for 100 visitors, $50 for 1,000.

The real gem about StumbleUpon’s advertising campaign is that you’re not just getting random visitors. the SU team has devised it so that you can choose tags to represent your page. Stumbler’s who enjoy articles related to yours will be shown the link, which means all of the traffic you gain from StumbleUpon is targeted.

This is a huge deal, as internet marketing has never been so easy! For a simple $50, you can draw 1,000 targeted visitors to your blog or recent post, spiking your traffic and hopefully drawing some attention to your website.

How do StumbleUpon Ads Work?

I’ve ran the advertising service for Inside the Webb a few times, on a couple of articles (can’t remember which). I did see a large jump in traffic over those days, however most of the traffic wasn’t on the site for more than 30 seconds. This is common with StumbleUpon users, as they quickly glance over a page for a few seconds before hitting the “Stumble!” button to go onto another article.

What I did notice after my influx of traffic was that I had gained a few more Twitter followers and a few more RSS subscribers. Targeting a specific demographic of traffic from SU had really paid off, and I continue to use the service today.

Setting up StumbleUpon Ads for Your Blog

I would recommend anybody running a blog or website try out marketing with StumbleUpon. It works very well, and if you know exactly what niche you’re targeting it’ll be a snap to get an ad up and running.

You can set daily limits for charging, very similar to how Google AdWords works. A simple $40-$50 a day can go a long way in promoting the popularity of an article. After you have everything set and you’ve deposited the money into your account, StumbleUpon does all the work from there. You are even provided with stats as to who liked/disliked your article, how many visitors found your link, and even when your got the most visitors.

The platform isn’t as up-to-par as similar ad campaigns like Facebook, but StumbleUpon is an amazing service and any internet marketer would be foolish to dismiss such a promising opportunity for cheap and targeted traffic.

Have any stories or thoughts on StumbleUpon marketing? Let us know what you think, or where you see StumbleUpon Ads going in the future.

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