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How Google Buzz is Gaining Many Early Followers

How Google Buzz is Gaining Many Early Followers

Since Google Buzz launched a few months ago, it has had some very impressive early adopters. Mashable and TechCrunch have been the first of many larger blogs to jump on board, with many smaller blogs following suit.

But just how has Google ramped up enough media coverage and PR to have such a successful launch? Clearly we can consider Buzz still in its beta stages, as there are many steps this feature can take in a new direction. I’ve got a few thoughts for Google as well, and I would love to see Buzz grow into a Twitter-like clone over the next few months.

Where Buzz may have been thought of as just another site to work with, it actually turned out to be rather successful in its launch. This is in a large part due to the fact that most people are already running Google accounts. Whether you use Gmail, Google Analytics, Google Wave, or anything else Google has to offer. This makes it easy for people to just jump into Buzz and try out some of the new features, without needing to go through and register a new account.

What has made things even easier is the coverage Google’s new trend has gotten. Popular social media blog Mashable has added a Google Buzz widget, very similar to the ReTweet and Facebook Share buttons. It allows readers to, with the click of a button, share any story on Google with all of their Buzz followers. Not only that, but the widget also holds a live count of how many people have shared the link through Buzz.

So Where is Buzz Heading?

There are a few directions Google can go with Buzz at this point, most of them moving forward. I can see Buzz growing into a full-blown social news and media sharing app, very similar to Twitter but with more options. This would also work well as you can tie in your Gmail address book and contacts easily.

I would also expect to see an official API from Google Buzz released within the coming months. Mashable has it set up so that when you share a link on Buzz, it actually sends it through Google Reader and tracks the share count that way. It works for now, but I would love to see an official widget released through Google.

At the end of the day, I would vouch for Buzz. It’s got a very strong future, many popular and highly-branded sites have created profiles on there as well to further the impact. Google’s launched an amazing product so far, and I am very excited to follow it’s growth over the months to come.

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  1. Donna

    interesting post! kind of crazy, though, to think about how harmful google buzz could be if it’s used for harm instead of good – take a look at this video:

  2. Shelley

    as of now I am not a fan, but they/buzz do have a lot of upside with all the extra google services that can be integrated into buzz in a jiffy.

    twitter and facebook still have a massive headstart, so it will be interesting to see how things look 12 months from now.

  3. Atul Kash

    Integration with other services is an advantage for google buzz and plus staying active on social media sites is very important for publishers

  4. David Daniels

    Thanks for following me on Buzz. I would have never found the site. I can’t believe that only one person is contributing to this site and it’s only been up a year. Great job!

    I also think Google Buzz will be successful, although I’m not sure how big just yet. It’s a little bit more intimate than twitter but not as intimate as facebook. I continue to use it as I have dropped other social media sites like myspace so I definitely think Buzz will be successful.

  5. Mark

    I’d like to see it flat out take over twitter – it’s a better, more useful service – and doesn’t say “over capacity” every third click…

  6. Jessica Doyle

    For an artist, Google Buzz is a dream!

    I think Buzz is exciting and use it daily. The immediacy of feedback and the conversations I’ve had in my own Buzz stream and in other users streams is invaluable, heated at times and most entertaining to. And the way Buzz handles visuals in the form of posting images is just plain wonderful.

    It’s so nice to begin to read other positive blog posts about Buzz. I wrote one to which can be found here:

    Just began following you on Buzz, Jake. Nice to meet you!

    .-= Jessica Doyle´s last blog ..Art Studio Tour or the before and after shots of where I make that art =-.

  7. abhishek

    With buzz you can show adsense ads , thats why many publishers are going for buzz

  8. Ching Ya

    It’s encouraging to hear good thoughts about Google Buzz for a change. I like Jessica’s feedback as an artist’s point of view. I personally find Buzz a potential app that we could all benefit from – gaining feedbacks, foster a tighter connection with existing contacts, free to participate in discussions and much more. We may not started off well with how it launched in the first place, but undeniably, Gmail devotees are loitering longer than usual, I’m one of them. 🙂

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching Ya´s last blog ..How to Optimize Google Buzz for Social Network Benefits =-.

  9. web designing uae

    I would love to see Buzz grow into a Twitter-like clone over the next few months.

    I too think the same



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