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Affiliate programs are great alternatives to PPC and CPC networks. Once you join an AP, you’ll get access to tools that will allow you to build affiliate links. A webmaster/website owner must use the tool to generate affiliate links. Once you generate a link, paste it into the blog posts. When a visitor clicks the link and buys a product from a website, you’ll earn a commission.

To know how your site is performing and which URLs on your website are giving you leads, the affiliate programs features a reporting section. There are 1000s of affiliate programs, but the ones that pay affiliates the highest commission fee are mentioned below.


WP-Engine is one of the highest paying affiliate program I’m aware of. WPE is a managed hosting service provider that has a customer base of 10000+ customers.

Although I’ve not earned a penny from WP-Engine affiliate program, I’ve seen the income reports of some of the top bloggers. The reports are pretty impressive. WP-Engine pays affiliates $200 for every referral. If you have a hosting review website, make sure that you become a WP-Engine affiliate.


StudioPress, the developer of the Genesis Framework and StudioPress provide a Genesis Pro Pack plan which can earn you a big commission of up to $250. StudioPress Genesis Pro Pack is a special plan which gives users access to all themes developed by StudioPress.


Kinsta is a cloud hosting platform running on the Google cloud infrastructure. It has one of the most expensive managed hosting plans and its hosting service is used by some of the top companies in the world.

Kinsta affiliates can earn up to $500 commission for every sale. If the customer has opted for a monthly payment, you’ll earn 10% on every payment the customer makes to Kinsta.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. It has a listing of over 1 million expensive and inexpensive products. If a product is expensive, you can earn a handsome commission from Amazon.

Suppose a product costs $2000 and Amazon is offering 4% commission to affiliate marketers for selling the product. If the visitor clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product from Amazon, you’ll earn a commission of $80.

Amazon has set a different commission rate for a different product category. For example, the storage hardware category will earn you 1 or 2% commission for every product you sell.

Amazon affiliate program is suitable for websites of all niches. It is free to join.


eBay, one of the largest e-commerce business on the web runs an affiliate program that can earn you a commission of up to 12% for every sale.

Unlike Amazon Associates program, joining eBay affiliate is not an easy task. Your website is reviewed by an employee of eBay. Not every website applying for the eBay affiliate are accepted into the program.


Semrush is one of the few firms that offer a recurring commission to the affiliate marketers. Suppose a person signs up for the monthly subscription plan of Semrush. Every time he pays the subscription fee, you’ll earn 40% commission.

If you’re eligible for payment, Semrush will transfer the commission fees twice in a month to your bank account. The best thing about the Semrush affiliate program is that there’s no minimum traffic requirement to join Semrush.

Conclusion: Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. The affiliate programs mentioned can help you earn 3, 4, 5 or 6 digit income every month. Amazon and eBay are suitable for all types of websites. The other programs are suitable for websites that share blogging, WordPress, marketing, SEO tips.

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