High-Level Requirements

This was the first requirements meeting since the initial kickoff back in April.  Prototype 2 served as the main discussion for this meeting as we dove deeper into the expected functionality and nuances of an EL curriculum map.  

The purpose of this meeting was to ascertain most of the data-collection elements of the system in terms of what data would been needed for reporting and map alignment later on.  The meeting was very informative and we brought away ideas to redesign much of the prototype, which will be completed and ready for the next meeting.

User Stories

User should be able to log into the system and view their grade level expeditions.

Action Items

  • Redesign Home / My EL page and remove erroneous metric data.
  • Create expedition page to include all sections discussed in the meeting.
  • Structure case studies correctly to include sub-elements that were included in the top level expedition page.
  • Design a more efficient way of managing tables of data instead of links / form posts to other sections.
  • Remove Lessons / Activities – focus should be on curriculum mapping only at this stage.
  • Design workable STAs table (Standards, Targets, Assessment) based on STA templates attached.
  • Add functionality to add attachments to case studies.


Audio Recording of Meeting

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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