Grooveshark Hands out 1 Month Free VIP for Former Lala Users

It was announced on a page through Grooveshark’s VIP Area that all previous members of Lala will be getting a free 1 month pass into Grooveshark’s VIP program. You simple go to the address above and enter the special VIP code given to you by Grooveshark.

A few months ago it was announced that huge music site Lala was closing down. It appeared to be heading on a great track, as many search results would pop up in Google through Lala when somebody would search for a song name or artist.


Grooveshark offers users more than Lala could have, though. It’s an entire music library added to by collaborators and music lovers. All tracks and MP3’s are uploaded by members of the site, which also adds a bit of interaction between users.

The social networking aspects of the site are really what draws me into Grooveshark every time. Being able to add other users as friends/fans, following their libraries and even adding some of their playlists to your favorites. It’s an interactive application for one huge music-loving community!

the VIP services come with faster streaming times for music, along with many other great features. You can also select custom themes not available in basic Grooveshark, plus countless other features you can read about here.

I wouldn’t be too sad for the news of Lala. There’s only so long that music can be coveted as something worth of paying and listening to. And with so many open-source projects and open-community launches coming out, information is being shared at a quicker rate than ever before. We’ll have to see how Grooveshark’s growth patterns scale over the next few months, and let’s all hope we don’t see a similar fate as Lala users have.

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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