Google’s New Search Results Design goes Live


Google has made some major design changes over the past 10 or 20 years. Although their overall vision hasn’t changed much, they’ve added new features and design ideas to the site. Just recently they’ve launched their newest addition to Google with their new search listings design.

You can tell just from Google’s homepage that something’s different. The buttons and search bar look completely new and improved, along with some updates to their logo with added glossy and “web 2.0” effects. Although not a new feature, Google has kept with the Ajax loading of header and footer links on the page for faster load times.

Going beyond the initial home page, search results pages haven’t differed too much. Listings still look the same and page navigation is similar as well, with new designs for the logo icons.

New Google Sidebar What does stand out is Google’s newest sidebar for search. The new sidebar on the left allows you to filter search results based on the type of media you’re looking for; a good and bad scenario depending on who you are. The list includes searching through Google Images, videos, maps, news, and even blogs!

I’ve heard a lot of users complaining it gets in the way and to change it back. I have to say, though, I truly don’t mind. I don’t find it intrudes on the design at all, and in fact it can be helpful if you meant to search for images or books but forgot to filter your search.

Not too many updates, though I would say Google must be receiving overall positive feedback from the new design. It’s less strain on the eyes, and it allows for media searches to run a hell of a lot smoother.

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