Google Will Help You Learn AI And Machine Learning

Currently, machine learning and AI are some of the hotcake courses in the tech world. In that case, search...

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google wants you to learn ai

Currently, machine learning and AI are some of the hotcake courses in the tech world. In that case, search giant Google is looking for ways that more people can gain access to these courses online. Google already has a new learn with Google AI Website.

However, it is not the first time that Google has tried this process. The Search engine has been pursuing AI education for some time now but is looking to advance the projects further. Some of the projects include TensorFlow and cat doodles (playful versions). There is also a machine vision that project AI in ways that are more practical.

Google’s vision is to see the Learn with Google AI site reach more people and allow them to “learn about core ML concepts” efficiently, develop and shape the ML skills. Google wants a world where people can apply the ML skills to solve real-world problems. Through its projects, Google will accommodate everyone from the AI enthusiasts to the beginners.

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From Google’s website, you can also find a free course called Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC). The main aim of this course was to provide Google employees with the basics of AI and machine learning. However, the course available to the public currently with people benefiting from exercises interactive visualization and instructional videos.

The course lasts for about 15 hours and has its aim in introducing AI beginners to the technological world. However, Google recommends that the beginners should have some knowledge of the basics of programming and Python. More is set to come from Google soon.

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