Google Releases Exclusive Real-Time Stats Dashboard for Blogger


An update today on the official Blogger blog has introduced us to Google’s latest invention: Blogger Stats. An inline analytics tool working in real-time on all blogs powered by Blogger. You can see current trending searches, visitors and total times per page, along with so many other features.

You can view historically over the past weeks/months, or check your blog posts day-by-day to see which one’s are gaining the most momentum. Google seems to be utilizing a lot of tools from their popular Analytics software, however updated in real-time streamlined directly to your Blogger dashboard!


The upgrade is a huge step for Google. Blogger has been falling behind with the likes of WordPress releasing their latest version of the standalone software, plus the ever-growing userbase. Now that Google is starting to get back in play of the blogging game, the tides may be on a slow shift.

The next big step for Google would be to launch Blogger as an open-source platform. Not going in total competition with WordPress, it would be able to run on an individual’s server environment and update by connecting directly to Google’s servers – a much simpler way for the less tech-savvy to install and start their own blog in a flash.

If you want to check out the latest analytics features you’ll have to visit Blogger in Draft. It looks the same as your average dashboard, it’s just where Google rolls out it’s latest features before dispersing to the entire range of Blogger Users. So far the whole system seems very stable, and I’m excited to see where Google plans to go with the Blogger suite.

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