The Game-changing Intel New Graphics Driver

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intel new graphics driver

Great news for gamers out there, as Intel has done vital modifications to create processors with integrated graphics. People with PCs or laptops that may be incompatible with running computer games will be pleased. Why? Because the newly launched driver update will enable their systems to be automatically optimized and enhance their machines gaming capacities. You can install this Intel new graphics driver by downloading it from their official webpage.

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One core feature of the Intel new graphics driver is its compatibility with all Skylake processors as well as the latest processors by Intel such as Coffee Lake and Kaby Lake that enriches the gaming experience with its newly inbuilt AMD Vega graphics chips.The system will work seamlessly with popular games such as Call of Duty WWII, Grand Theft Auto V, American Truck Simulator, and League of Legends. What’s better is that the Iris Pro Graphics can be used to automatically optimize your settings to support more games into your PC. Already, Computer manufacturers HP and Dell have incorporated the Intel new graphics driver into their latest laptops.

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