Gallery of Newest Pligg Launches for 2011

The Pligg CMS has grown tremendously in just a few years time. The development team is hard at work constantly churning out updates and new patches for their libraries. Often times the community is able to release new collections and launches of the most popular brands running the open source script.

Below are some of the latest launches for Pligg. The social news/social bookmarking script runs on a PHP & MySQL backend with an integrated plugins and template system. The gallery below contains some of the hottest websites launched in 2011. These communities have been building and gaining membership rapidly.

Please feel free to peruse the short list below. Link submissions are often picked up quickly by Google and other search engines. If you know of any similar communities or recent launches please share them in the discussions below.

Designer Union

Alter Filter

Snoggle News

Design Poke

The Digital Hype


W3C Validco

Fuze News




Theme Park News


Blogger Den


Diig Me

SEO Swamy

Slack Buzz

RC Videos

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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