Facebook Admits SMS Notifications Were an Error

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Facebook Admits SMS Notifications Were an Error

Facebook works hard to protect user accounts from a variety of threats. Many people were surprised when they started to receive impromptu messages on their accounts. There is a dual function account authorization service that is provided by Facebook themselves. That should have blocked any incoming messages that were unwanted. But the complaints persisted and a deeper look was in order. Facebook has since issued an apology to users based on the findings that they unveiled.

Alex Stamos is the Chief Security Officer for Facebook and took note of the error. He has since issued some statements about the status of the error for users. He wants to see the problem corrected in a timely manner for those interested. Alex Stamos will be overseeing some major changes to security in the future. That will represent a response to Facebook SMS notifications that were received by users. That has made them more alert about these kinds of potential threats.

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The team will welcome feedback from Facebook users in good time. The social media outlet has become quite popular among users since it was first introduced. The company has grown substantially and wants to continue providing services for their users. These Facebook SMS notifications were a minor setback that needs to be considered. Many were surprised at the sheer volume of the notifications that were sent. The social media giant is hoping to rebound very soon too.

Alex Stamos has been quick to defend the actions of the organization in full. Facebook is a leader and wants to maintain standing in the social media community. There have been critics that were concerned with these Facebook SMS notifications. The social media outlet has become a popular resource too. Watch to see how the social media giant tends to respond in kind to those interested.

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