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At this point most web designers & developers ingrained in the field know about DesignFloat. It’s a very popular social news submission service where blog authors or content readers can submit their favorite or most interesting news articles, and the published stories with the most votes hit the front page.

It has spurred many similar sites, but DesignFloat has always reigned king.

I recently had a fantastic interview with the site’s Relations Manager Mortimer. He revealed some interesting tidbits about DesignFloat, along with their future plans for market competition and how to innovate the social network.


What does Design Float bring to the table which other social news sites don’t?

Actually we believe that Design Float is the best place on the web for designers and developers – we are not as overrated as some other social media projects – it means that if you are running a new blog Design Float is a great place to show your project. Design Float delivers web design news and tips from the best bloggers from all over the world.

It is a great honor to deliver genuine content to a huge web community and we are proud to do that every day. Of course our website is very attractive for bloggers because it requires small efforts for promotion and gives good results comparing to other similar projects.

The site has been a huge success since it launched a year or 2 ago. Where do you see DF going over the next couple of months?

You should know that Design Float is 4 years old now. And as the new owners of this project we can tell you that despite all those positive achievements that Design Float has reached over the past four years we’ve got a lot of work to do now. Frankly speaking we have huge plans and sincerely hope to make them real.

First of all we are thinking about developing the Design Float community. The thing is that the current situation with social interactions between Design Float users needs to be improved.

For example we can’t see any live discussion in comments section. There are many users that prefer to stay unknown and not to broaden up their social contacts. And that’s a bad tendency that will try to change. Of course our main purpose is to attract more design related audience to join our project and share their news, tips and inspirational posts.

Many of the stories submitted in the upcoming section are spam or off-topic submissions, and it makes it difficult to find good-quality posts. Any plans or ideas to remedy this situation?

Actually this problem is common for all social media websites (just take a look at Digg upcoming section for example). Frankly speaking we think that we will change our voting system (by raising number of votes needed to hit the front page) and we are thinking about giving some privileges to the users that have better karma points. It means that if you are a new user you’ve got to work a little bit to earn some positive reputation and after that you can promote your posts on Design Float without any problem.

Also there is a chance we will change the registration procedure and of course we will try to involve all our good members (not spammers) to take part in a moderation process by stimulating them to use the “bury” button more often and flag either the spam content or the submitter.

Recently I’ve noticed the Design Float Blog has started up again with some great inspirational posts. Which members of the team write as authors for the blog, and where do you find the inspiration?

To tell you the truth we are still experimenting with our blog. We haven’t decided yet what format we would prefer but the first reason of publishing new posts was just to refresh our blog. There is an idea to start publishing guest posts from young and talented design bloggers at Design Float Blog, but we haven’t decided yet.

Of course you may have noticed that we highlight various topics (weekly roundups, inspirational posts etc.) and this is a part of our philosophy – ideas for new and original design are in the air, you just have to catch one. Yes, we’ve got several talented and young authors that do their best to bring only superb stuff for Design Float Blog readers.

As for the source of their inspiration – that’s mostly some random stuff like music, walking in the park, watching the night sky and so on. We hope that Design Float community will appreciate all of our efforts and we’re looking forward to hear their feedback.

Can you give us any final words about what we can expect to see from Design Float in the near future?

Changes are inevitable, they’re a part of any process and it is obvious that we plan to make a number of important innovations on Design Float. As we’ve said before we will change our voting system and fix those technical issues that unfortunately keep bugging our users from time to time. Also we are planning to change our categories section – maybe we’ll add some and remove others.

Improving the karma system and the moderation system – these are the few of our steps we plan to make Design Float a better place in the web. Anyways we’ve got a lot of work to do so we really hope that Design Float community will support us in this! Thanks!

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