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This summer I have enrolled in a Dynamic Websites independent study for my graduate program.  The course will focus mainly on developing PHP programming skills, something I have been lacking and interested in developing for some time.
 Furthermore, I recently started a new position within my organization which is requiring knowledge of PHP as well as the Drupal CMS / Framework.

Over the next 8 weeks I will be tasked with a lot of reading, researching and practical work both with PHP and Drupal.  I intend on writing notes in this blog each week as I find new and interesting things to share and also to help aid me as a learning resource as I develop these skills.

Among the learning materials I will be using during this study are two textbooks:

  • Doyle, M., (2010).  Beginning PHP 5.3.  Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishing Inc.
  • Melancon, B. (2011).  The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7.  New York, NY: Apress.

In addition to these texts, I will also be referring to Drupal 7 Module Development by Butcher et al, the drupal.org website, php.net and other online resources to help me.  My overall goal will be to develop a functional application, which will contribute towards an online learning object repository system for online faculty.  I intend to update my progress via this blog series.


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