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Last week I attended my first Drupal ‘learn sprint’.  For anyone interested in contributing to the Drupal community, learn...

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Last week I attended my first Drupal ‘learn sprint’.  For anyone interested in contributing to the Drupal community, learn sprints are a great way to network with other professionals in the area while learning how you can contribute to Drupal.  The sprint session I attended was held at Rock Creek Strategic Marketing in Chevy Chase, MD and was hosted by Karl Kaufmann.  More information on the learn sprints, as well as Issue Sprints can be found at the Drupal Ladder website.  The Drupal ladder is a great way to get involved with the community.  It starts with getting you comfortable with GIT and installing Drupal core on your local machine and then progresses into using the issue queue so you can begin contributing to current development tickets.  The nice thing about the ladder is that anyone can contribute, even those who aren’t as development savvy can offer support by providing testing, reviews and documentation updates.

At the sprint I attended I met some really helpful people who gave some insight into Drupal 8 and the current development schedule.  In addition to this I found out about Drupal Office Hours, which is a support site that offers help to anyone wanting to contribute.  They have set ‘office hours’ whereby a team will be available via IRC chat at specified times during the week.  I also spoke to some of the attendees about the new Drupal theming engine Twig as well as Symfony integration in Drupal 8.  It was a great learning experience overall and has further motivated me to get back into Drupal development again.

All in all I would highly recommend checking out one of these local Sprints in the area if you are interested in getting involved in the Drupal community.  For the DC Metro area there is a Meetup Group at, where you can not only sign up for Sprints, but also attend local Drupal community meetings.

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