Drigg-Based Design Community Launches at WebDev5.com


There are plenty of social news and media outlets today used for sharing and promoting articles. Especially once we break down website’s into niches and focus on the web design and graphics tutorials portion, we’ve got plenty of sites. However there appears to be a new launch for a Drigg-powered social news site, WebDev5.

The site’s design is sturdy and everything runs very smooth on the site. Just by checking out how the XHTML/CSS and JavaScript work together you can tell it’s not based on the popular Pligg CMS, but of course Drigg is an alternative which runs very nicely for a Digg-clone site.

Categories range from Graphic Design, iPhone, Freelance, SEO, PHP, API’s… the list goes on and on. Truly a paradise for all web designers, developers, and graphic artists. I’ve submitted a few of my articles to the site with very good luck, and have seen a small amount of traffic. The site is clearly still in it’s beta stages as it hasn’t been online for very long, but it’s grown quite frequently since I last visited.

Currently most stories hit the front page with 3 votes. This means it’s not too hard to get your 15 minutes of fame at WD5, although traffic current is slim. However if you notice on The Web Blend’s story pages (example here) you can see a small WD5 widget button at the very bottom. This is surely raising awareness of the brand and bringing in new signups each and every day.

As for the future of the app, your guess is as good as mine. It’s hard to know just how well a site will do this early in the game, but look at the potential market for growth compared to monsters like DesignFloat. Although the web design and inspiration niche is heavily saturated right now, there just might be some extra squeeze room in the market for WebDev5.

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