Dragon Ball Fighter Z’s Roster Just Got Bigger !

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Dragon Ball Fighter Z  is going to get it’s firts wave of two new dlc characters namely ” Broly ” and Goku’s father ” Bardock” , as said by Bandai Namco in their announcement in the Japanese magazine ” V-Jump” .


These two characters are going to be available as Premium DLC characters , so you’ll have to pay good money for them , to know about how much and when , you’ll just have to wait .
Broly and Bardock were introduced as DLCs in 2015’s Dragon Ball Xenoverse and then Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in 2016 , and they’re showing up together in Dragon Ball Fighter Z as well . Both These characters are going to be intense bring some big guns to the showdown. The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly uses his Gigantic Meteor super attack that will eat up three bars from the energy gauge. Bardock’s super move is the famous Revenger Assault,  that is going to transforms him into a Super Saiyan followed by his wrath on who ever is in his way.Siliconera notes that anyone with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 — presumably on the same platform — will also get additional Android 21 costumes and accessories within Dragon Ball Fighter Z.Dragon Ball FighterZ launched on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One in 2018 .


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