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Social news has sprung along the web, and with the popularity of web design and graphics blogs sharing links has become commonplace. With popular sites such as DesignFloat and DesignBump, it’s hard to imagine much else. However I have recently found a great-looking Digg clone website at http://digzign.com/.

With frontpage stories ranging from multiple topics of News, Videos, Images and Audio, it allows users a large range of submissions. Many of the categories on the site are design-specific including Freelancing, Graphic Design, Tutorials, plus a ton more!

Although the site is fairly new, it’s the backend which allows for substantial growth of the site. Almost a complete clone of Digg’s software, you can work with all the great features which Digg has written off. This includes the all-so famous Shouts feature, the friend system, sharing articles, editing profile info… everything!

Created from Humble Beginnings

I’ve also contacted the site’s creator Sergio Lopes, to which he mentioned he started this project back in 2008. He had looked into the Pligg CMS, but he says back then it was just launched into beta testing and wasn’t stable enough to run a full website on.

To this ideal he started coding the first release of Digzign’s script, coded entirely in PHP with a MySQL backend. The site seems to be extremely responsive and bug-free, providing an amazing user experience plus a very fun time for all to be had. Check out the site and let me know what you think, I’d be happy to hear some of your opinions on the site.

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