Digg Cuts Support for Short URL’s on Submitted Stories


When Kevin Rose resumed CEO at Digg, his first act was to remove the Diggbar from submitted stories. This was, as most of us know, just a bad idea in general and was looking at Digg too much as a business and not like the social network and community it is.

Well announced today by Keval Desai on Digg’s Blog, they will be killing the short URL service for any stories not already submitted to Digg. You will be able to still share the short URL’s from stories through Digg’s share feature, ReTweet button, etc. However the URL will lead to the Digg story page most likely, as the Digg Bar is being revoked.

This seems like a great choice for Digg, and I trust in Kevin’s decisions as acting CEO again. The Digg Bar constantly got in the way while trying to surf a site, and even though it could be disabled it still seemed unnecessary to work with. The only real benefit was the short URL feature of adding the full URL right after http://digg.com/URLHERE.

Also announced in the post is an update to Digg’s API. The shorturl.create method (documentation here) will be considered deprecated as of April 17, 2010. Not a huge change for most API dev’s, but it’s notable to see how Digg is handling the change.

I’m extremely excited to see this amount of growth in just a few weeks. The first few change’s to Digg’s architecture have definitely been for the better. I’m just excited to see what’s coming next, and to figure out what’s happening with the newest release of Digg.

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