Defining Expeditions

This meeting focused on prototype 3 and refining the structural breakdown of expeditions and their sub-components.  New terminology was introduced to describe the various elements of semester based expeditions and non-expeditions and certain elements were re-positioned within the data-entry screens.

User Stories

  • Users should be able to manage all sections of their expeditions within their grade level.
  • They should also be able to align all elements of their expeditions to common core standards.

Action Items

From the meeting, a number of changes / improvements were agreed upon for the current prototype:

  1. Change Big Ideas so that a drop-down selection is available to choose from a preset list (shown below).  Add a ‘rationale’ field so teachers can indicate why a big idea was selected.
  2. Add ability to add Standards and Targets to the Final Product.
  3. In case studies, rename products to summative and formative assessments & move this directly under the STA table.
  4. In case studies, attachments / uploads should be embedded into the various sections.

These action items will be completed for the next sprint.

Audio Recording of Meeting

Image Credits: Photo by Isis França on Unsplash.

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