Decline In Speed Of 4G Across The Globe

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Broadband cellular network technology has 4 generations that are available till now, 4G is most advanced generation and is a succession of 3G. Long Term Evaluation (LTE) was deployed firstly in Norway and Sweden since 2009.

OpenSignal conducted a survey that revealed there aren’t too many modifications or improvements in the 4G LTE speed because there isn’t any country that is yet able to make its speed more than 50Mb per second. Some countries have stable speeds but most of the countries are still struggling with speed matters. Hungry and Singapore have much more speed of 4G relatively to other countries. But unfortunately, Pakistan is ranked much lower on the list in the context of speed and availability. Because Pakistan launched 4G much later than other countries and yet all the cellular network didn’t provide 4G. Those networks who provide 4G, their services are only in cities and doesn’t have availability in most of the rural areas.

OpenSignal is a globally known firm and it’s working on wireless mapping, but the results they conducted are embarrassing. OpenSignal found the speed of 4G in most of the top-performing counties isn’t more than 20MB per second. And is falling rather than increase.

According to result scores of a company, Pakistan attained 57.15% and only 5 countries are behind Pakistan. Which is unfortunately embarrassing.

According to the report,

“The global 4G market has reached a transition point. Instead of focusing on boosting speeds, we now see an industry intent on boosting accessibility to 4G signals. In our latest global report, OpenSignal parsed more than 50 billion measurements worldwide to see how 77 countries stacked up in 4G performance.”

However Pakistan and India are close on list and Pakistan have average speed 11.67Mbps and India is much lower 6.13Mbps, because India have more population and globally average speed varies from 16.2 to 16.MBps.

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