Refurbished Smartphone: Why You Should Buy One?

You may have come across the word refurbished smartphone in the electronic industry, but you did not give much...

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refurbished smartphone

You may have come across the word refurbished smartphone in the electronic industry, but you did not give much attention to its importance or need. There are a lot of myths surrounding the acquisition of refurbished smartphones and how they impact the human beings in general. One of the essential things to keep in mind though when it comes to refurbished phones is that these kind of phones are cheaper as compared to other brands.

But before we dig into more details regarding these phones, let us first get to know what we mean by the term refurbished Smartphone.

What is a refurbished smartphone?

A refurbished phone is a mobile device that is returned to the original manufacturer for remodeling. These phones are usually taken back to the manufacturers for repair and afterward returned to the market for sales. There is a huge difference between a refurbished phone and a used mobile phone. This is because a used phone is not returned to the original manufacturer and instead it is sold from the original owner to another person may be at a lower price. Also, a used phone is not registered for any problem or even tested. Unlike used phones, refurbished phones are sold at a warranty against the manufacturer’s defects whereby in case the phone does not function properly within the period of the warrant, you can request for refund of your money or replacement as well.

The process of creating a refurbished smartphone

Once the customer’s phone gets damaged, it could be a cracked screen, or you dropped it in the water. The customer is supposed to send the damaged phone to the company’ s representatives in their city. If the phone is an Apple or Samsung, make sure you take the phone the correct representative. Once the representatives receive the phone, they immediately send it to the manufacturing company. Then at the production site, some technicians are involved in checking the damages that may be present on the phone. The technicians are also responsible for determining what the phone requires to repair it and restore its functioning state. They also make sure they factory reset the gadget whereby they erase all the data that was saved on the device and get it back to the original settings.

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Once the phone has been repaired, they ensure that its tested quality and also restore the new features and models on it. Thereafter, the repaired phone is either sent out to the insurance or put up for sale as a refurbished phone.

Benefits of refurbished smartphone

  • Cheap
    Acquiring a refurbished phone may cost you almost half of what the phone is sold in the market. This is because these phones have been slightly used hence cannot be sold at the actual retailing prices. The best part is that these phones are always equipped with newly developed features and parts which make them seem and function just like the new ones. Others are also packed in new packages which resemble the new phones.
  • They look new

    It is pretty hard for one to notice if the refurbished phone is old not unless you tell them so. These phones sometimes are returned to the manufacturers within a few weeks or a month especially in the case where a client returned the phone because he or she did not like it. Therefore, such mobile phones require minor corrections maybe on the screen and resetting it. So, when such a phone is put back to the market, it looks as new as it was sold initially. The only difference that separates a refurbished phone and a new one is the fact that the refurbished phone has been removed from the original packaging. Note that even if a phone is returned to the manufacturer without any defect, it is usually considered to be a refurbished phone as long as it has been removed from its original box.

Non-Refurbished Category

Non refurbished phones are the types of phones which are bought by a seller who fixes them and later sell them at a pocket-friendly price. These phones are termed as non-refurbished phones since they are not returned to the manufacturers for further checking. These types of phones are found on various carriers which include Verizon, AT & T among others. These carriers create their prices to sell the gadgets at, but the rates are usually low as compared to the process of the refurbished ones.

Disadvantages of buying a refurbished smartphone

Refurbished phones are not as perfect as the new phones. Meaning you will have to accept the phone with the flaws that it comes with. But the best part is that these phones are excellent in their functionality, and some don’t even have any defects at all.


Refurbished phones are the best alternative for people who want to acquire a smartphone at a pocket-friendly price. These phones are designed with excellent features, and they also function just like the new ones. Just make sure you purchase the phone from a good dealer such as e-bay and also make sure you are given a warranty for quality purposes.

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