Bluehost vs Hostmonster vs JustHost (2018)

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People are often confused in choosing a hosting service for their sites. On the internet, you will find details on 100s of web hosting companies. Yesterday, one of our readers dropped me an email to know which is the best hosting among Bluehost, Justhost, and HostMonster.

The reader was confused because the plans and features offered by the companies are almost the same. I have shared a comparison of JH, HM, and BH in this article to help our readers in buying the best hosting plan for their site.

Justhost vs Bluehost vs HostMonster

bluehost vs hostmonster vs justhost

Company details

When it comes to hosting, you should always signup for a bigger brand. A company with a better revenue will have better infrastructure.

Moreover, a distinguished organization will take every effort to make sure that it remains at the top position. To do so, it offers good quality services, servers with the latest hardware, etc.

When a company becomes a globally renowned brand, it is under tremendous pressure to keep up the good name.

Interestingly, Bluehost and HostMonster companies were started by the same person, Matt Heaton. BH was incorporated before HM. HM is recognized as a sister company of HG.

Chris Philips established JustHost in 2008. One more interesting fact is that the EIG owns the three companies.

Bluehost is the better brand than HostMonster and Justhost. It has more users than the two companies and has excellent ratings from their existing users.

Bluehost vs Justhost vs Hostmonster plans and features

You will enjoy the below features with the plans mentioned below:

  • Control Panel software.
  • A one-click installer tool for installing WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • Free website builder utility.
  • Support for popular web development technologies.

The cheapest plan:

Company Free domain Storage No of sites Email accounts Email storage Pricing
Bluehost Yes 50 GB 1 5 100 MB 3.95 USD
HostMonster Yes 50 GB 1 5 100 MB 4.95 USD
JustHost Yes 50 GB 1 5 100 MB 3.95 USD

2nd Cheapest plan:

Company Storage memory Websites Email accounts Email storage Freebies cost
Bluehost UM UL UL UM Adwords credit worth 200 USD 6.95 USD
HostMonster 150 GB 10 10 500 MB Worth $150 6.95 USD
JustHost 150 GB 10 10 500 MB Worth $150 6.95 USD


UL: Unlimited

UM: Unmetered

Justhost, Bluehost, and HostMonster offer a $14.95 business plan for the users who want better features. The plan provides:

  • 1 dedicated IP Address.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Free stuff worth $480.
  • Better Spam protection.
  • Free domain name.

Despite being a reputed company, Bluehost plans are cheap. HostMonster and Justhost website plans are the same as Bluehost.

Customer support:

BH, JH, and HM offer telephone, live chat, and email support to their users. The support teams are helpful. You can contact them at any time of the day.

Conclusion: I have checked reviews on BH, HM, and JH on many forums. BH users face a few technical issues, network glitches, and downtimes. They are satisfied customers. I have used Bluehost Shared hosting in the past. I never had any major problem with them.

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Image Credits: Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash.

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